Democrat State Demands Electric Vehicles — But Won’t Let Residents Drive Them

The California government is pleading with residents to stop charging their electric vehicles amidst the persistent heatwave as it could lead to power outages.

The California Independent System Operator issued several requests throughout June to residents asking them to conserve power as much as possible to avoid blackouts. In preparation for the “Flex alerts” of the power grid, residents were instructed to top off their car’s charge, “pre-cool” their homes, make use of their appliances and then shutter their windows to keep their homes cool throughout the low-power period.

One of the announcements explains that collective action is necessary to conserve the low power output of their green energy grid until it’s scaled up. In particular, the announcement says that someday as the state increases it’s ability to store energy with batteries or “other technology” that the “crucial evening hours” should become less of an issue, but for now, California residents must stick to using their power when the sun is shining.

California’s energy grid has proven troublesome in recent history, with major outages during high-stress periods caused by their reliance on renewable energy and wildfires which damage the grid itself.

Last year in August, the Independent System Operator struggled to keep up with energy demand as temperatures persistently reached over 110 degrees. When the sun sets, energy output plummets as the state’s solar farm fleet becomes inoperative.

In September of last year, California endured blackouts throughout Labor day weekend because of increased air conditioner use, issuing “Flex Alerts” that beg residents to halt or lower their electricity use from 3:00 in the afternoon until 9:00 in the evening.

With other temperature related problems, Texas, a state that has a robust gas and oil industry, suffered energy grid failures in February as unusually cold weather halted over half of the state’s wind power from operating due to windmill blades freezing up.

Tucker Carlson slammed Texas at the time, pointing out that most of the state’s energy comes from natural gas which the state is rich in, and compared it to “starving to death at the grocery store.”

Author: Hugh Cole