Democrat Mayor Uses Pathetic Tactic To Push Vaccinations

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, tried to coerce his constituents into getting vaccinated by luring them in with the promise of a burger and fries.

Shoving the fast food down his gullet, he says “I got vaccinated. You’re saying I could get this?” showcasing fries and a burger. His program is called “vax and a side of fries.”

De Blasio said that if burgers and fries sound “appealing” then they should think of vaccination when they think of fast food. He then proceeded to make ‘yummy’ sounds as he stuffed down the fast food.

Luring in and doping the masses is a regular tactic of the globalists, this time they’re trying to get as many sheeple as possible to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, which has many reported side-effects, to include death in some cases.

Previously, Krispy Kreme donuts attempted a similar scheme, offering free donuts to the chattel who showed their vaccination card at the counter.

De Blasio has clearly stooped to an unimaginable low in his efforts to vaccinate the masses. Globalist technocrats are clearly not above debase levels of idiocracy in order to achieve their illicit goals.

Author: Lex Meyer

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