Democrat Mayor Remembers Better Days… Under Trump

You know you’re doing a bad job as President when those from your own party are turning on you left and right. And that’s exactly the case today, as the mayor of a town in Texas that rests alongside the border of Mexico, a democrat, is slamming Joe Biden and the entire Democrat Party for their repeated failures at securing the border and calling the disaster a total embarrassment for the United States.

Laredo Mayor, Mr. Pete Saenz, said in his conversation recently with a media company that his political party is completely ignoring and abandoning border communities in the United States, instead favoring other groups.

Thousands and thousands of migrants are pouring into American every single month, bring disease and infection. The Democrat mayor then said something that no one expected – that things were much better under the former administration. Under Donald trumps.

Saenz says the border needs to be secured. He says that even though he doesn’t think that highly of Trump, things were definitely working under his policies.

Democrats continue to ignore the growing crisis at the southern border. They’ve put forth trillions of taxpayer dollars in spending from the government that does absolutely nothing to protect or secure the border, and they’ve all but abandoned customer at the border and protection operations there. In the meantime, most of the influx is being taken by the border towns, who are suffering immeasurably thanks to Biden’s policies.

Saenz says the democrats are spending billion or even trillions on everything but the border. He says that not enough money is being allocated to processes that are necessary at the border. Especially because the workload is 3-4 times higher than it used to be, and they just don’t have the funding. Saenz says this is likely because democrats have something against Border Patrol agents, and law enforcement in general.

Saenz says the best way to deal with this is to remove all incentives that allow people to get to the border and file to receive asylum. He said that while he does believe in the process, he thinks it needs totally reformed.

Saenz is just the first of many Democrats that are rethinking their political ideals and affiliations. There will be many more to come, especially as Biden and his regime continue to fail on every level.

Author: Polly Sanchez