Democrat Lunacy: Biden Vows To Turn Vehicles Of War “Climate Friendly”

The dishonesty, the lunacy, the unadulterated bastardization of leadership, and what it means to run a country, are the pillars holding up the modern-day Democrat Party.

Being a Democrat means supporting unnecessary foreign wars as long as the weapons of said war don’t impact the climate. Being a Democrat means prioritizing trendy ‘green’ politics over the lives of U.S. soldiers. Being a Democrat means you’re a morally bankrupt and out-of-touch monster — and Joe Biden just proved that to be true.

Joe Biden celebrated Earth Day by giving another dead-eyed speech in a highly liberal city, this time Seattle, where he claimed to be transforming U.S. military equipment into climate-friendly weapons of war.

He provided no time frame, nor any specific details other than that his administration was spending billions of dollars to make this conversion. Ultimately, like many of Biden’s promises, it will probably never happen — and definitely not in the immediate future. Yet, in saying it, Biden showed he prioritizes politics over national security.

“We’re going to start the process for every vehicle in the United States military, every vehicle is going to be climate-friendly,” Biden said during his speech. “Every vehicle. I mean it. We’re spending billions of dollars to do it.”

The American people rely on its military to defend against hostile enemies, not involve itself in trendy politics of the day, as it so blatantly has under the current administration. People want the military to have the most advanced technology to help win battles with the fewest number of casualties possible. Whether this is achieved using fossil fuels or not should be irrelevant. Moreover, this should be the goal of every politician.

Mass death caused by unnecessary foreign war is heart wrenching regardless of whether the plane dropping the bomb is all electric or powered by tons of fossil fuel. The idea that a sitting Democrat President believes this is the issue with our military says everything you need to know about the state of liberalism.

The U.S. military is allegedly the largest consumer of energy in the country, the world’s largest “institutional user of petroleum,” and the world’s largest “institutional producer of greenhouse gases.”

But so what?

As a country, the United States is in such a precarious situation (thanks to Democrats) that it should hardly enter into the minds of liberals how military vehicles are powered since they are solely responsible for propagating and escalating violent conflict.

Prioritizing politics over efficiency is a dangerous game for Biden to play with the military, and a hypocritical one. Our country’s enemies don’t care about carbon emissions. Unless new energy sources as reliable as fossil fuels are discovered in the future, transitioning the military to climate-friendliness is pointless and threatening to national security.

Beyond the threat of national security, the idea that a pro-war party is so beholden to its leftist base that they must signal a willingness to convert war vehicles to “climate-friendly” (aka more acceptable) tools of unjust killing, instead of being against unnecessary foreign wars, says a lot about the so-called “progressive” party.

Author: Asa McCue