Democrat Governor Won’t Let The Constitution Stop Him From Becoming America’s #1 Tyrant

On Friday, the Supreme Court offered a provision for challenges against Texas’ abortion ban to continue circulating in the lower courts. For the time being, the court also left the Texas Heartbeat Act alone, a bill which offers a $10,000 bounty for any citizen who successfully sues individuals who aide or abet an abortion past the six week period.

Noting the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to tackle a hot-button issue decisively, Democrat governor Gavin Newsom of California decided that it is now primetime to take unconstitutional measures into his own hands by passing a state-wide semi-automatic weapons ban. Newsom argues that if Texas can ban abortions in spite of Roe v. Wade then California can ban guns in spite of the Second Amendment.

As is typical of such progressive rhetoric, there are no details as to what particular guns Newsom is hoping to ban, but he said that the bill would give citizens a “right of action” to sue gun owners for $10,000 if they own, manufacture, sell, or possess an “assault weapon, ghost gun kit, or parts.”

Newsom is already proving the warnings of Chief Justice John Roberts whose dissenting opinion on the abortion case warned that if the Supreme Court returns the ball to lower courts they risk losing their own authority.

Over two dozen states have abortion ban legislation prepared in the case that the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade so that children can be saved across the nation. However, Newsom had something to say about this as well, claiming that California will be an abortion sanctuary state for those seeking the procedure. California is already preparing to give abortion seekers compensation for lodging, travel, and funding if they have an abortion performed in their state. Newsom said that the budget proposal for the plan will be laid out in January.

Meanwhile, California is likely to see a massive influx of patients from other states seeking the procedure. Gilda Gonzalez, the CEO of Planned Parenthood California said that she estimates the number of abortion seekers to increase by over 3000%.

Author: Glen Kelley