Delusional Democrats Refuse To Blame Cop-Killer For Tragedy — It’s The Gun’s Fault Instead

Last Friday, Jason Rivera, an NYPD Officer that was only 22 years old, died after he and another NYPD officer, Wilbert Mora, who is only 27, responded to a situation of domestic violence in Harlem. Rivera sadly passed away and Mora is now in a critical condition state. The officers were allegedly shot by Lashawn McNeil, the suspect. Senior officials with direct knowledge of the case say that the aforementioned shooter has a history of increasingly unstable beliefs in conspiracy theories that are anti-government.

However, when speaking about the tragedy that’s already taken the life of one officer and may take the life of another, the Democrat Governor, Kathy Hochul, didn’t refer to the suspect of the investigation, but instead used the case as an opportunity to spout gun control rhetoric. She said repeatedly that a shot from a gun that was illegal is what took the life of the officer, and never mentioned the accused or the victims by name. Her comments generated sharp rebukes on Twitter.

This has become a pattern with Democrats and Liberal media, a trend of acknowledging the ‘role’ a weapon had in the crime instead of the suspect themselves. AP, Washington Post, and CNN alike all seemed to blame the SUV instead of the suspect for the Christmas Parade attack that happened in Waukesha last year.

Many people on Twitter pointed out how this seems to be a trend with the liberal media. And others also criticized Democrats’ focus on guns that are illegal instead of their relaxed bail and reform laws for criminals that are leading to few prosecutions and that allow criminals to roam free in the streets.

In New York, crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. The New York Post has been keeping tabs on the crime situation in the state. A post from Friday stated that hate-crime incidents are up by almost 100%. Anti-Semitic attacks are the most frequent, but anti-Asian attacks are now up 343%. This is how it goes in democrat-run states though. They’re flooded with crime and confusion. It’s no wonder people are running for ‘redder’ pastures in the form of GOP-held states.

Author: Lexie Brander