Delusional Biden Gives Rachel Levine a Title ‘She’ Doesn’t Deserve

If you’ve ever wondered just how delusional Biden’s administration would become, then look no further. This week, Joe Biden and his administration gave Rachel Levin, a leading U.S. official of health and trans woman, the title of the 1st women to become a four-star admiral of the USPHS (United States Public Health Services) Commissioned Corps this last Monday.

Levine was the secretary of Pennsylvania’s Health Department before she was nominated to become the assistant secretary of health at DPHHS in Biden’s administration. Levine is a biological male, and she is the first transgender official that was confirmed by the United States Senate.

The U.S. DPHHS announced publicly today that she is the first transgender four-star officer to be appointed in any of the unformed services in the U.S. HHS says that Levine was ceremonially sworn in this week as a four-star admiral

She is now the highest-ranking official serving in the U.S. PHS Commissioned Corps, and it’s 1st ever female admiral with four stars. She will be in charge of over 6k Service officers in public health that are committed to serving the nation’s vulnerable populations, says HHS. They also said that the announcement was a historic accomplishment in the LGBTQ+ community as society tries to become more inclusive.

Levin herself said this is a win and a step forward to a more inclusive future.

Levine says she’s humbled to be the first female officer with four stars, and the first transgender officer with four stars across the 8 uniformed services. She said the occasion is momentous and she is excited about the impact this will have on history and what it symbolizes.

The Secretary of HHS, Xavier Becerra said that Levine’s appointment is a huge step forward for us as a nation toward equality, and that it’s a proud moment for HHS. He says Levine is an accomplished pediatrician that’s driving HHS’s agenda to boost equity and health access as well as behavior health.

Levine was confirmed by the senate in a 52-48 vote which was largely partisan. While serving in Pennsylvania, Levine’s tenure was chock full of scandals and incompetence allegations.

Author: Jerry Christian