‘Defund The Police’ Movement Gets a Terrifying New Makeover

The Democratic Party is beginning to split over the ‘defund the police’ movement, with some already recognizing the signs of the obviously failed idea. Some Democrats have attempted to shift the blame of the failed policies to their political opponents, while others simply backtrack and claim to have had no part in it.

However, there are still some holdouts who are fully supportive of the idea, such as MSNBC’s Jason Johnson, who doubled down on the idea by stating the he believes in “abolishing the police,” and disposing with law enforcement “entirely.” Johnson continues to push the line of BLM, without a shred of evidence, that police officers “prey” upon black families repeatedly.

Johnson said that he fully supports “getting rid of [the police] entirely,” claiming that it’s been done before “with the Department of War.”

Johnson, a journalism professor at Morgan State University as well as a frequent contributor for MSNBC, said recently on June 24 that he is firmly “on the abolish…side” of the debate around law enforcement, as opposed to the “reform” side.

His radical comments come at a bad time for Democrat politicians, who in recent weeks have been attempting to deflect criticism for causing a massive spike in crime across the nation, following a year of police defunding that was encouraged and carried out by Democrat pundits and officials.

The movement to defund the police was carried out by radical politicians and ivory tower experts against the will of the American people, who according to USA TODAY polling, only had 18% support for police defunding. The highest population of those willing to defund the police was Democrats, still in the minority at 34%. Johnson’s radical suggestion to abolish police entirely would likely have even lower support.

Even the White House, which fully supported the cause of BLM, going so far as to fly the anti-police organization’s flag on foreign embassies, has attempted to brand Republicans as the ones responsible for the failure of law and order. White House spokesperson Jen Psaki brashly stated that Republicans defunded the police and were responsible for the resulting crime wave, a claim that even left-wing Washington Post’s Fact Checking apparatus had to count as a strike against her with “three Pinocchios.”

Author: Michael Sutton