Deep State Gets Nasty – Top Liberal Agency Behind Trump Attack

Leftists all over are throwing a fit after the New York Times identified the Trump whistleblower as a CIA official leading to a trending hashtag on twitter of “#CancelNYT.”

In a rare change of circumstance, the left is cannibalizing one of their most consistently biased media outlets.

Calls to cancel subscriptions to the New York Times ran rampant after the Times published an article revealing that the origin of the Democrats impeachment push came from a male CIA officer who had previously been assigned to the White House.

The “exclusive details” were revealed in a report based on corroborated accounts of three unnamed sources, not the whistleblower himself.

The Times also reported that lawyers for the whistleblower refused to confirm that he worked for the CIA and said that publishing information about him was “dangerous.”

Members of the left meltdown on the internet after the notably left leaning paper published this piece identifying the whistleblower who dropped the ‘bombshell’ complaint against trump.

“Y’all really doxxed the whistleblower? If anything happens to him/her, it’s on you, #CancelNYT,” tweeted one person.

“Our country’s heroes are worth far more than clicks and views. Doxxing the whistleblower endangers the individual’s life, which is especially heinous considering the whistleblower went through proper government channels. The NYT protects Trump sources better than this. #CancelNYT,” wrote Dr. Eugene Gu.

Delusional former Florida Democratic congressional candidate Pam Keith weighed In by saying “Dear Board of Directors of the NYT: what Dean Baquet did today was immoral, irresponsible& intolerable.”

“We have a free press because of people willing to defend democracy. If it was left to 45, you’d all be in jail. HOW DARE YOU betray our democracy by endangering its protectors?”

Others were so enraged with the Times that the called for the firing of executive editor Dean Baquet.

“Dean Baquet should absolutely lose his job over this. Quickly. The damage to the whistleblower’s safety is already done, but @nytimes must condemn this decision to protect future sources & whistleblowers. This cannot be left as an acceptable precedent. #CancelNYT,” Twitter user @KristinMinkDC wrote.

Baquet responded to the criticism by saying that they released “limited information” about the whistleblower to “give him credibility.” Looks like that backfired.

“The president and some of his supporters have attacked the credibility of the whistle-blower, who has presented information that has touched off a landmark impeachment proceeding,” Baquet said.

“We wanted to provide information to readers that allows them to make their own judgments about whether or not he is credible.”

Critics online appeared unfazed by those who defended the paper, such as Times contributing writer Wajahat Ali, who called on the public to “reconsider” their decision to cancel their subscriptions.

“It employs fantastic journalists & breaks important stories. It’s also under direct assault from Trump & his supporters,” he tweeted.

“I write for them but I also publicly disagree w/ some decisions, like today’s. Yet, the good far outweighs the bad.”

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