Day 135 Of The Biden Apocalypse, And Things Are Worse Than Ever

t’s only taken 135 days for Biden to turn America into a country most of us can’t recognize. Spikes in crime, racial tensions, foreign invasions, inflation, antisemitism and commodity shortages are just a few of thing things plaguing Americans today.

Leftist drones think the mounting disasters are a small price to pay in the fight to rid the country of Trump.

America’s enemies are attacking on all fronts. The pipeline disaster and meat processing hack are just the beginning of the ransomware terrorist regime. Our pathetic excuse for a presidential administration can’t even protect their own email system. What can they do for us?

Liberals feel it’s their ‘right’ to blatantly attack police, Jews and innocent Americans who simply don’t agree with them. The country is more divided than ever before as Democrats refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Antifa terrorists pillage and loot without consequence. Tidal waves of illegals invade our once-peaceful and safe communities, bringing COVID, drugs and other criminal activities to our great nation. All are welcome under Biden, who has gone to great lengths to swoop in and bus them all over the country.

Everything costs more, and it’s crippling American consumers. Food and supply shortages wreak havoc on communities that put their faith and trust in Biden, and those who did not.

Let’s get one thing straight. It wasn’t the pandemic that caused this. The only pandemic in this country is laziness, and a government giving handouts to every person who wants to sit on their behind and do nothing.

Anyone with a brain knows things were better when Trump was in charge. People had jobs, freedom and lived without fear of the always-looming next catastrophe.

Even in the very midst of darkness during the COVID pandemic, people had hope with Trump in charge. We knew our freedoms would never be taken from us. But that is not the case now. Not with all the power in Democrat hands.

No. Democrats don’t value freedom, opportunities or capitalism. All the Democrats give America is more debt, inflation and a promise to destroy everything this country was built on.

It won’t be long before Biden turns America into a literal third world country. He’s doing everything he can to maintain his stranglehold on America, and keep his power permanently. What are you going to do to stop him?

Author: Tilly Hansen