Cuomo Family Falls From Grace — Chris’s Role In Scandals Revealed

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has finally been fired. Okay, technically he resigned, but that’s neither here nor there. After his sexual deviancy tendencies leaked, it finally forced the embattled Governor to reconsider his position as Governor, and in just two weeks the era of Cuomo will finally be over. The truth is though, that he resigned over the wrong scandal. This should have happened months ago when he signed that nursing home order that spread coronavirus and literally killed thousands of the elderly in New York. Oh yeah, and then he tried to cover it up! At least the groping accusations finally got Democrats’ attention, but many are wondering about Mr. Chris Cuomo now.

Everyone knows that Chris was behind the scenes for Andrew, giving him advice on how to manage his growing crisis, all while hosting his CNN talk show. Apparently even CNN had something to say about Chris’s involvement with Andrew. Washington Post reporter, Erik Wemple had a few things to say about this after picking apart the entire issues.

He says CNN was aware and acknowledged way earlier in that year that had given Chris Cuomo a scolding for engaging in conference calls with the scandalous Governor to assist him. Chris hasn’t been part of any of CNN’s coverage on Andrew whether it be live television or behind the scenes. The reasons for this is because as Andrew said himself, he isn’t capable of being objective. And because he is friends with his brother. CNN says it was completely inappropriate for him to participate in conversations about this with higher ups, including the governor’s staff, which he did. He said he won’t participate in any of these conversations anymore and apologized for his lapse in judgement.

Apparently Chris told Andrew that he shouldn’t resign and encouraged him to remain in place in the governor’s office. He even chalked all of Andrew’s allegations up to ‘cancel culture’

But for some reason, the attorney general’s report, while quite lengthy, only addresses Andrews inappropriate behavior, and nothing of Chris Cuomo’s. No one seems to care about Cuomo’s involvement in the coverup or Andrew’s decision to remain in office.

Chris Cumo’s day of reckoning is coming, though. Republicans are taking note and preparing to make their move.

Author: Christine Pierre