Cuba’s Biggest ‘Socialist Cheerleader’s’ Words Come Back To Bite Her

Uprisings erupted in Cuba last week as residents of the struggling island nation stood up courageously to protest the country’s communist regime that has oppressed them and caused great pain and suffering to the people.

The news was probably a huge shock to the ‘1629 Project’ creator and journalist, Nikole Hannah-Jones, who back in 2019 argued that Cuba’s socialist government gives residents an almost utopian system of racial equality that has yet to be matched anywhere in the Western half of the hemisphere.

Here’s just a few details to bring you up to speed.

Hannah-Jones claimed during an interview with Ezra a Klein, a progressive journalist with a podcast called “Vox Conversations,” that Cuba was one of the “most equal” countries in the entire Western Hemisphere and that this almost entirely due to socialism.

When asked if there were any candidates or places that she thinks have a sufficiently viable and ambitious integration agenda, Hannah-Hones immediately called out Cuba, saying that it is the most multiracial and equal country in the hemisphere. Though she admitted she isn’t an expert on international race relations, she went on to explain her point.

She said Cuba has the least amount of inequality between white and black people of anywhere in the entire hemisphere. She went on to say that she meant the Caribbean, but it’s hard to know because there is such a small population of white people in these small Caribbean countries. She says they are countries run mostly by black folks. But that in countries that are actually biracial countries, Cuba ranks in the top for equality, and that it almost strictly due to the socialism, which Hannah-Jones claims no one would want to hear but it’s true.

Back in 2008, Hannah-Jones also said that Cuba was the ‘gold standard’ for countries to aim for and follow. She continuously praised the communist country’s low HIV rate, high literacy rate and coined it as the best country for ending codified racism. She said that all the Cuba accomplished through socialism, in spite of their poverty, just shows how far the United States is behind.

Conservative critics didn’t miss a beat on Hannah-Jones either. Tell her to go to Cuba if she loves it so much and reminding her that the only reason there is so much of what she calls “equality” in Cuba, is because everyone is equally poor and oppressed.

Author: Mike Bate