CPAC Kicks Off — And Trump Is Owning It

It’s the start of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Several Republicans are expected to bid for the spot of presidential pick for the 2024 political season, but none can hold a candle to former President Donald Trump.

Current polling suggests that should Trump choose to run again, he would have a commanding lead over his rivals. Even those opposed to Trump within the party have conceded that he would easily win the nomination again.

In a New York Times interview, Mitt Romney, R-UT, said that he didn’t know whether or not Trump would run again in 2024 but if he did Romney believes that “[Trump] will win the nomination.”

Trump will speak at CPAC this Sunday, and his speech is expected to be the most popular spotlight of the event. It will be the 45th presidents first appearance in public since he left office.

Many will eagerly watch his Sunday speech for indicators of whether he plans a run in 2024 or not.

The conference will shed light on which candidates the conservative base are willing to receive, and what issues the party will focus on in the coming years. Expected points of discussion include the border crisis and the re-opening of schools.

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