Coordinated Hijackers Cripple Federal Immigration Agents

In Del Rio, Texas, a group of Haitian migrants that were in federal custody decided to hijack multiple buses while they were on transport rides. The illegal migrants forced the bus drivers out of the bus in an incident that could threaten how the U.S. government handles operations of immigrant enforcement, at least according to 3 people who are intimately familiar with the incidents and what happened.

The immigrants have been overpowering the bus drivers before hijacking the buses and driving them away from the driver a ways before they escaped. Apparently, this has happened multiple times, at least that’s what a federal law enforcement officer said to the Washington Examiner on Tuesday evening.

Most of the incidents occurred on the school buses that are boarded-up as well as the commercialized coach buses that are transporting these Haitian migrants from the Del Rio-Ciudad Camp, that’s located beneath the Acuna International Bridge. The bus drivers are taking the immigrants to various processing centers located across the region, and also to local airports to put them on deportation flights back to their country of origin.

While moving the detainees, they are not shackled or restrained in any way whatsoever. On Monday, some of these detainees kicked out a window and 22 of them escaped. And now they are supposed to start doing these high-risk escorts, but that probably won’t go well.

Just last Monday afternoon, one bus was headed for San Antonio in Texas and was hijacked and taken over during the 2.5 hour trip that it takes from the international bridge located in Del Rio. The migrants that were on board the bus had been taken from the makeshift camp for migrants under the bridge, where thousands of migrants are still waiting to be transported into custody by law enforcement officials.

These hijackers broke the bus that they took, one law enforcement officer confirmed. Federal officers engaged on a manhunt for the escaped migrants and captured them again that evening. ICE and HHS have not responded to any requests for comments as of yet. But things are looking worse than ever on our border to the south.

Author: Val Tripp