Conservative Teacher Wins Major Battle Against Biden’s New America

A teacher of physical education at Loudon County Schools, Byron Cross, just won a battle with the school district after being forced to take leave. Cross was forced on leave after he engaged in a controversial speech where he denounced a policy the district proposed on gender.

James E. Plowman, a twelfth circuit judge, released a letter ordering the school district to give Cross back his position as a PE teacher at the elementary school. It’s only a temporary injunction, but he will get to keep his job until at least Dec. 31, and at the time the injunction will cease unless more orders need to be put in place.

Plowman states that the teacher would likely succeed if the issue went to trial, and that the Loudon County School District was in conflict with Cross’ first amendment rights. Plowman also stated that keeping Cross as a teacher was in the best interest of the public.

All of this started last month when Cross told the school board and others that he refused to affirm and go along with the school’s beliefs that biological boys and girls can change genders, because it’s against his religious beliefs. Cross feels that these statements are lies, abuse and a sin against God.

Just days after the speech, Cross received a letter telling him that he was not to come back to school premises. It stated vaguely that the school district had him under investigation and that he had negatively impacted school operations.

Plowman’s letter dismissed the school district’s claims that they were not suspending Cross on grounds of his speech but rather the disruption caused by it.

Thankfully though, the court had some sense and found that their evidence was insufficient, and that Cross had only exercised his rights. The court also stated that asserting these rights is not a disruption to the school.

The school district refused to comment on the matter. Alliance Defending Freedom, the religious liberty firm that represented cross, was very happy with the Judge’s ruling, stating that people should not be punished for expressing their concern about new policies, especially when they are invited to comment on that policy.

The school, however, will continue to pursue these policies which require the staff to use the pronouns children request. Welcome to Biden’s America, people.

Author: Nelson Polson