Congrats America, Biden’s Terrorist Nominee Just Got Confirmed

Biden continues to fill his administration with backwater, secondhand extremists who will do nothing for our country except destroy it. And today was no different when the Senate gave in and confirmed Biden’s eco-terrorist nominee that has endorsed population control, among other things, as head of the Bureau of the Land Management, or the BLM.

The vote came in at 50-45, and Tracy Stone-Manning was placed as the BLM director on Thursday evening.

The vote comes amid a massive cacophony of noisy politics coming straight from Biden’s White House as compounding crises as well as the infrastructure bill debacle taking the forefront of everyone’s minds. It was the perfect time for Democrats in the senate to slip their nominee through.

Conservatives opposed Stone-Manning’s nomination robustly, both inside and outside the halls of Washington. Adam Brandon, the president of the libertarian and conservative advocacy group called FreedomWorks, said it’s not surprised that Biden’s nominee has the views that she does, especially since she’s an eco-terrorist and has ties with groups that are associated with Ted Kaczynski.

Stone-Manning even lost support from her previously major backers and democrats, but the White House continued to stand by their radical pick to lead the BLM. They even called her ‘exceptionally qualified’ to take over the agency that is in charge of overseeing millions of acres in the United States.

The bitter confirmation process for Stone-Manning was saturated with controversy, mostly due to her link to a tree-spiking crime in Idaho back in 1989, Tree spiking is violent and dangerous. Metal rods are pushed inside trees to stop them from being hewn down. They damage chains saw and injure people, sometimes even killing them.

Stone manning was given legal immunity in 1993 for testimony that she had sent an anonymous typed letter to the Forest Service on the behalf of her friend and roommate, John P. Blount.

She also is a supporter of overpopulation and letting houses that are in the wake of forest first burn. Yeah, great choice, Biden. Sounds like she’s going to do amazing things for our country. And maybe she’ll kill some loggers while she’s at it.

Author: Nathan Gordon