Conform Or Be Punished: Professors Can Now Fail Students For Claiming God Is Male

One student that is attending Loyola Marymount Catholic University was absolutely devastate to find out that her professor took points off of her final paper for an outrageous reason. What was her crime? She referred to God as a man, by calling him by the pronoun ‘he.’ Yep.

The student has decided it is in her best interest to remain anonymous, but provided various screenshots to prove that her theological aesthetics/theology professor, Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu, took points off her essay. In the outlined rubric for her essay, the professor explained that she lost the points from her essay because she used language that was male-gendered when referring to God, and did so repeatedly.

The student responded back to the teacher that the paper that she wrote shouldn’t have points taken off because the language she used is consistent with the language that the Bible uses and is consistent with her beliefs as a catholic. In an email that she wrote to her professor, she stated that throughout the Bible there are multiple occassions where God is referenced as a male. She also told the teacher she felt targeted by the teacher’s point reductions and comments, as she was raised in the Catholic church which teaches that God is, in fact, a male.

She also sent the teacher a citation of the Apostle’s Creed, which again references God as ‘the almighty Father’ and addresses him using ‘his.’ She told the teacher that her belief is that God is a man, and t hat she shouldn’t be able to take points off of her essay, especially because she is at a Catholic University and that the course was a Christian course.

The professor responded back to the student telling her that she was justified in her decisiont to knock points off her essay because she referred to God as a male. She also told the student that if she wanted to get her points back, she would have to include in the footnotes of her an argument as to why she decided to use male language when referencing God.

The professor has not responded to any requests for comments at this time.

Author: Denise Garcia