Communist Olympic Games Flop – And It’s No Secret Why

There is some good news that’s coming out of the attention that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are getting right now, and that’s that Friday’s opening ceremony broke a record… a record in lows that is. The ratings for the ceremony were worse than they’ve ever been before. The reasons why are pretty obvious, and one reason could be that the games are happening in a country where genocide is still commonplace. Some people are even calling the games the Genocide Olympics and the Genocide Games.

As far as actual numbers go, Dan Wetzel from Yahoo Sports explained that a measly 16 million people tuned into the broadcast for the ceremony’s opening. The previous low record was much higher, at 20.1 million, and that was all the way back in 1988 at the game held in Calgary. Even the last games for Winter in 2018 had 28.3 million viewers.

The host country of the Olympics, China, poses a serious problem. Numerous countries, which also include the United States, are taking part in a “diplomatic boycott” of the Olympic games because of China’s very active genocide campaign against the Uyghurs, which are a minority ethnic group that’s made up of Muslims mostly that are located in the northwest part of China.

China continues to deny these charges and allegations against them, but they have also banned the UN and human rights officials, and won’t allow them to enter that part of the country.

There is also the problem of the obvious communist propaganda at the Opening Ceremony. Additionally, it ended with China claiming that one of their skiers is of Uyghur heritage, an obvious ploy to counter the genocide claims. Instead of a celebration, the games just serve as a reminder of slavery and suspicion of China.

Author: Sarah Gibbs