Colonial Pipeline Hackers Get Exactly What They Came For

Bloomberg News reported that the Colonial Pipeline Co. paid a ransom of nearly $5 million in untraceable cryptocurrency to the hackers who took over their computer network last Friday. This is contrary to earlier claims from the company that they had no intention of giving in to ransom demands.

Bloomberg cited “two people familiar with the transaction” as reporting that in exchange for the ransom money the company was supplied with a decrypting tool, though it worked slowly.

The FBI confirmed as of Monday that the ransomware group Darkside was responsible for the cyberattack against the pipeline, which provides nearly half of all gasoline supply along the East coast. The cyber-terrorist organization is believed to operate out of Eastern Europe and Russia.

The Tuesday and Wednesday following the attack, multiple states felt the crippling effect of fuel shortages while the Biden administration attempted ham-handedly to offer a response to the crisis.

On Monday, the White House gave acknowledgement that sometimes companies in Colonial Pipeline Co.’s position are left with no option but to pay the ransom to the hackers.

Author: Caleb Buchanan

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