CNN Turns On Biden, Begs Him To Be More Like Trump

Even the most hard-left networks in existence, just like CNN, aren’t able to defend President Joe Biden any more…

It came as a huge shock to Democrats and Liberals alike that Biden has now taken more ‘personal’ days than any president in literally decades, according to Daily Wire.

In fact, he spent a grand total of 108 days travelling for personal reasons out of his 276 days that he’s been in office. He’s spent most of that time on vacation or working at one of his Delaware homes, he has two, or from the retreat for Presidents at Camp David.

In fact, CNN has analyzed his schedule, and have been quite critical, to everyone’s surprise.

Their count includes days where the President split his time between the Oval office and various other properties.

It’s a surprise to no one, either, that since he has been gone so much, his administration had faced multiple obstacles and crises without his direction.

Biden has also been more absent from the media than most of his predecessors.

The sheer number of interviews that the ailing president has done is more than 6x less than Donald Trump had completed during the same amount of time of his Presidency.

Even when put toe to toe with the former Democratic President, Barack Obama, Biden is still doing way less interviews. By this point in his Presidency, Obama had done 131 interviews. But by the end of September Joe Biden has only done 10 interviews that were extended since he was inaugurated in January.

The CNN analysis says that Biden has spent significant amounts of time far away from the White House, especially on weekends. He’s taken 35 personal trips, and spent 108 days of his 276 in office at one of his home in Delaware or at the Presidential retreat.

He spent 69 of those 108 days far out of reach of Washington, at his and Jill’s home in Wilmington, which was spread out over 23 visits. He spent 7 days at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, and he spent 32 days at Camp David.

The CNN report concluded that this is the most a president has ever spent away from his White House for personal travel reasons in most recent history. It looks like even CNN is not defending Biden’s crap anymore, and they’re straight up calling him out.

Trump, who was highly criticized by the media for his golf trips, did not spend NEARLY as many days on vacation as Biden.

Author: Richard Timms