Climate Activists Become So Woke They Cancel Themselves

A group of young student climate activists in New Zealand decided to disband their organization this week after coming to the conclusion that their organization is too racist to continue on it’s environmental mission.

SS4C AKL, or, the School Strike 4 Climate Auckland is a New Zealand environmentalist chapter that’s affiliated with Greta Thunberg’s student movement for climate justice. The group decided that it’s disbandment had reached a point of being “well overdue” after members received education about how Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC) communities are more greatly and “disproportionally affected by climate change.”

The group made a lengthy post on their Facebook page explaining how the New Zealand climate chapter “has been a racist white-dominated space” which is guilty of having “avoided, ignored and tokenized BIPOC” throughout it’s lifetime.

Additionally, SS4C AKL organizers said that the “urgent need to decolonise” their group was long overdue, and that their organization was going to pay “financial reparations” to BIPOC groups and individuals who had worked with the organization in the past.

The decision to disband their environmentalist chapter was made after receiving “suggestion and guidance” from the “BIPOC members of our group” in addition to external “BIPOC activists and organizations.”

SS4C AKL was one of the largest groups in Greta Thunberg’s orbit, bringing out a whopping 80,000 protesters to the streets of Auckland in September of 2019. Earlier that year however, woke activists already had it’s sights set on the environmentalist group. In March of 2019, a New Zealand news site described SS4C as “an extracurricular activity” exclusive to “upper-class [white] kids,” after they scheduled a strike that conflicted with a Pacific Islander festival.

New Zealand climate activists are not happy with SS4C AKL’s ‘brave’ decision, however, with a contemporary climate warrior saying that the move to disband and quit does not take proper “accountability,” adding that recognizing a problem without taking steps to correct that problem is entirely meaningless.

An Auckland woman responded to SS4C’s disband post with horror, saying that the situation was “identity politics gone mad,” and said that “every voice is needed,” pleading with them by “begging you. . . not to stop”

Author: Amos Garrett