China Announces Plan To Invade — Sparking ‘World War III’

A state-run Chinese magazine recently published a demonstration of a three-stage battle plan for the invasion of Taiwan.

The article arrives shortly after Chinese President Xi Jingping pledged to pursue a “complete reunification” with Taiwan while speaking at the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary celebration.

According to the article, the first stage of the attack would target “key installations” by using their DF-16 short-range ballistic missiles to attack infrastructure such as early warning radar, anti-air defense bases, airports and command centers.

The article states that the first stage attacks would continue until Chinese surface troops landed on the island.

The second stage would continue missile strikes against other targets. The CJ-10 and YJ-91 cruise missile types would be used against naval and land military bases, communications infrastructure, ammunition depots and roadways. The article details that drones would be used to survey how complete the destruction was.

The third stage involves continued bombardment against Taiwan using naval vessels as an amphibious assault landing brings additional infantry and land units to the island for the total conquest of the region.

This is the second time in recent years that the publication has laid out an attack scenario against Taiwan, just last year, they detailed in another article how they could devastate the country by attacking the islands defense systems simultaneous with the second term of Taiwan’s independence-leaning president, Tsai Ing-wen.

Taiwan’s sovereignty is categorically unrecognized by the Chinese regime and has been for decades. The issue is so sensitive, that the Chinese communist government regularly issues angry threats, boycotts, sanctions, and other means of intimidation against individuals and governments who ‘mistakenly’ refer to Taiwan as an independent country.

In President Xi Jingping’s speech regarding Taiwan, he declared that China was prepared to take “resolute action to utterly defeat… Taiwan independence,” passively warning other nations that they should not “underestimate the resolve… will, and the ability” of China to take what it considers to be their rightful belonging.

Author: Allen McDonald