Chauvin Juror Admits His Lies Influenced The Verdicts

A member of the BLM ‘community’ just admitted that he deceived the judge in the Derek Chauvin trial so that he could remain a member of the jury. He is also urging other “activists” to do the same, to lie their way into making a change.

Brandon Mitchell, as he was later identified, was juror #52 during the nationally controversial case. He has now admitted to lying to Peter Cahill, the Judge on the case, stating that he had no prior knowledge of the George Floyd case and could stay on the jury.

Two other jurors were dismissed because they admitted to the judge that they were aware of the $27 million payout George Floyd’s family received following the death of their relative.

However, In August 2020, Mitchell is seen with a BLM shirt that references Floyd’s case directly. During an interview on a radio show, Mitchell revealed his true agenda is not just seeking justice and law, but has more to do with removing cops and everything they stand for.

The bombshell radio recording can be heard here:

Author: Elena Cosgriff

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