Celebrity Charity Donations Plummet After Supporting Woke Agenda

As we delve deeper and deeper into a country filled to the brim with liberal hysteria, one thing is becoming clear: America just doesn’t want to deal with the wokeness. To find proof of that you have to look no further than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whose charity foundation wound up spending more in legal type fees than they actually were able to raise for charity in the year of 2020, that’s according to an uncovered financial filing report.

Harry and Meghan, the infamously woke couple, are now champions of causes raised by the left. Things like BLM and the supposed climate crisis are number one priorities on their list. But the report found that their charity based in the U.S., Archewell, only raised a minimal amount of money.

The Daily Mail was able to uncover some documents from the IRS on the couple’s charity and found that it raised less than a dismal $50k in the year 2020.

In the U.S. charities are required to file public ‘Form 990s’ with the Internal Revenue Service every year, a form which details the charity’s expenses and income. Those who make less than $50k, however, don’t have to get as much information to the tax agency.

The paper also revealed that the couple’s charity that is based in the UK spent at least $55k on attorneys and legal fees, which means they spent more on them than they raised money for charity.

This is a surprising amount considering the very publicized launch of their charity in 2020, when the Sussexes stepped away from their royal roles to pursue Hollywood money-making ventures. It was and continues to be a very controversial move.

The couple’s foundation has multiple partners, including globalist-type charities like the Aspen Institute, as well as Global Citizen. In these partnerships, they’ve tried to combat what they deem is ‘misinformation’ surrounding vaccines and also a push for vaccine equity by getting vaccines out to third world countries. They also focus on gender issues and women’s issues, and basically anything the left is ready to champion.

While it might be surprising to liberals that their charity is doing so poorly, it’s no surprise to the rest of America, which has grown tired of the leftists insanity that is sweeping the nation.

Author: Betty Brown