Catholic Church Issues Rare Demand to President Biden

The annual U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will be meeting in June, and on the agenda is a document concerning how to handle Catholic members who openly defy church doctrine.

It has been a longstanding question within the church: how should Catholic politicians who defy the churches teachings on abortion be handled?

Archbishop Joseph Naumann, a Kansas City clergyman who is chair of the USCCB’s Pro-Life Activities Committee, has repeatedly rebuked Biden for his support of abortion. Naumann has gone as as to say that Biden should stop calling himself a Catholic.

Naumann said that they are faced with a “unique problem” in Biden. Because he publicly declares himself to be a Catholic but contradicts church teaching, Naumann says that “It can create confusion.”

The document in question for the June conference will set an official position from the USCCB, declaring that Catholic politicians who support abortion will be barred from taking Communion.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco told the Associated Press that for the church, abortion is not simply “one among many important issues” but a priority and focus of the institution.

He stressed that politicians such as Biden “need to understand the scandal” that they create when they claim Catholic affiliation but actively fight against church teaching.

Author: Carrie Major

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