Canceled: The Left Finally Loses One Of Their Own

Disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has had a rough week, not only did he get kicked off of one of the nation’s largest news networks, but his book publisher has cancelled him as well. HarperCollins Publishers announced that they have nixed plans to release Cuomo’s book amid revelations about the corrupt involvement that got him terminated from CNN.

A company spokesperson confirmed reports on Tuesday that Cuomo’s planned book, “Deep Denial,” has been cancelled following reports of the book being removed pre-emptively from Amazon’s website.

Spokesperson Kelly Rudolph offered confirmation that the company has no “inten[t] to publish the book.”

A source from within the publishing industry informed the New York Post that many authors sign a contract which contains “a morals clause” and that Cuomo has found himself without “his platform and his credibility” given the recent scandal.

Sadly, as the source noted, the cancellation of the book deal will likely help Cuomo’s lawsuit against CNN for damages because the deal “really cost him materially.”

The book described itself as an analysis of the Trump years as well as the pandemic seen through Cuomo’s eyes, as well as “a roadmap… to make our ideals match reality.”

On Saturday, the host of “Cuomo Primetime” was fired, mere days after the network suspended him after documents from the New York state attorney general revealed that he used his influence as a media insider to track down women accusing his brother, former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, of sexual misconduct. The documents revealed Chris to be in regular contact with Andrew’s top aide regarding his findings.

CNN declared the documents as clear grounds for terminating Chris Cuomo, and felt affirmed in their decision after new allegations of sexual harassment against Chris Cuomo were raised by a former colleague of his from ABC News.

Cuomo’s spokesperson claims that the sexual misconduct accusations are untrue.

A CNN spokesperson, said that in light of the accusation, that they took the allegation seriously and saw it as good cause to take immediate action.

Chris Cuomo has also been removed from his SiriusXM radio program, the “Let’s Get After It with Chris Cuomo” show.

Author: Edward Larson