Canceled: Giuliani Loses License For Speaking His Mind

The Supreme Court Appellate Division in New York came through with a bombshell ruling on Thursday that they are suspending Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer license, at least temporarily. Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City, is accused of giving false statements to the courts and many other while he was representing President Donald Trump, the former President of the United States.

The disciplinary hearing are the results of numerous complaints filed against Rudy Giuliani, of which most allegation report that he made falsified statement in court, to the media and elsewhere regarding the 2020 election.

The disciplinary actions came as a result of several complaints filed against Mr. Giuliani, and are based on allegations of false testimony made in the media, the courts, and elsewhere regarding the results of the 2020 election.

The court claims that there’s a mountain of evidence supporting the fact that Giuliana made misleading statements to lawmakers, the courts and the public at large as President Trump’s attorney during the failed effort for reelection in 2020.

The court also accused Giuliani of trying to bolster his respondent’s narrative that the election was stolen due to voter fraud throughout the United States.

Some examples of the numerous statements included claims that Giuliani made that more absentee ballots were sent into Pennsylvania that there were ballot distributed, despite state records concluding this to be false. And Giuliani’s claims that thousands of deceased individuals vote for Joe Biden in Philadelphia.

Giuliani also claimed that former boxer, Joe Frazier, was among the deceased voters, though the court pointed out that the state cancelled his voting eligibility just three months after he died back in 2012.

The ruling also claims that Giuliani misrepresented a court case involving the Pennsylvania election, where he made numerous fraud-related arguments in spit of the fact that no fraud claims were being made.

It’s also said that Giuliani made statements about large numbers of voters that were underage or deceased, and claimed that votes were cast by ineligible felons, but state investigations continue to show otherwise. The same goes for ballots that were counted by voting machines. Giuliani claimed they were manipulated, but state officials report that is also false. He also said that many illegal immigrants voted in the southwest United States.

Giuliani has rebuked these criticisms, claiming that any false statements made by him were not known to be false at that time. The suspension is just the first step for Giuliani, as a full disciplinary review will be completed.

What do you think? Was Giuliani in the wrong? It’s a tough time in America to believe in free speech.

Author: Matt Hansen