Breaking: Biden And Democrats Handed The Ultimate Defeat In Senate

Democrat President Joe Biden’s efforts to overthrow the nation’s election system failed in the Senate last night after a majority of bipartisan legislators opposed the radical Democrats’ extreme push to adopt the “nuclear option” of gutting the legislative filibuster.

All Senate Republicans voted against the proposed election bills and the removal of the 60-vote filibuster threshold. They were joined by moderate Democrat senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) who have repeatedly stood up to Biden’s greedy efforts at seizing total power.

Biden immediately shot back at the Senate by declaring that he was “profoundly disappointed” in the legislature for failing “to stand up for our democracy.” He added that he was “disappointed — but I am not deterred.” Biden argued that his legislation protected “the heart and soul of our democracy… the right to vote,” but in reality it merely forced federal oversight on all state and local elections, making it easier for the deep-state to control the count.

Similarly angry Vice President Kamala Harris also issued a blistering statement following the destruction of her and Biden’s agenda, stating that “Senators… perserve[d] an arcane Senate rule rather than secure… fundamental freedom.” She added that history and the American people would never forget the moment. Perhaps she’s right, but not for the reasons she thinks.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney (UT) praised the victory and lauded “Senators Manchin and Sinema” for “demonstrat[ing] the courage of their convictions… saving the institution itself.”

The report of Biden’s most recent defeat comes on the heels of his first press conference, where the President was grilled by reporters for failing to handle the numerous issues that plague the nation under his administration.

The inability of the Biden administration to pass their radical voting agenda is just one in a long list of failures the President has faced in recent months. With his approval rating disintegrating in real-time, Biden is faced with three more years of being a lame duck president.

Biden’s crumbling approval rating was given full display last week with a Quinnipiac University poll, a left-of-center institution, that revealed Biden’s overall approval rating sat at just 33%.

Author: Amy Silva