Break Out The Champagne: Pelosi Is About To Retire

It’s safe to say that everyone is waiting with baited breath for the old bag of bones to retire from her seat in the House. I mean seriously, what is holding this woman together? In a perfect world where term limits were set in place, she would have been out of the game years ago. But here she stays, torturing moderate democrats and Republicans alike who at least have some sense of morality. But it looks like Pelosi’s reign of terror could finally be coming to an end, at least that’s what the rumor mill is putting out right now.

CNN Hack, Jake Tapper, asked Pelosi a question during the “State of the Union” that has sparked rumors and speculation everywhere about whether or not the politicians who has been roaming Washington since the dinosaurs were here will actually run for reelection in 2022.

He asked Pelosi about her future in Congress and asked her directly if she I going to run for reelection.

Pelosi’s veiled response said it all. She responded by saying that she wouldn’t be making an announcement about that on the show. Which begs the question, if she was going to run, why wouldn’t she want to announce it?

Pelosi has been in the same Congressional seat since 1987. She’s been speaker of the House for four times, but has said in previous times that this would be her last term as the speaker. Her approval ratings around the nation are so bad right now that they make even Biden look popular, so it’s really not looking good for her.

When asked again by Tapper whether she would run for reelection, all Pelosi had to say was “Why would you think I would tell you about that now?”

Tapper tried to respond by saying he wasn’t the only one she would be telling, but Pelosi interrupted him and wouldn’t take the bait.

She says she is going to have a conversation about it with her family before she tells anyone else what her plans are. Sneaky….

Democrats have a majority in the House right now, but it’s uber slim. They are expected to lose even more seats as 2022 looms. Two senior Democrats have already announced that they are planning to retire. It would take a miracle for Pelosi to hold on to power any longer.

Author: Joseph Williams