Brave Judge Crushes Biden’s Outrageous Immigration Plan

Biden has stunned the nation with his stance on immigration since Day 1, particularly given that Americans are in rather dire need of assistance. After all, Democrats have crushed businesses, promoted riots, restricted travel, and mandated mask wearing all while harping about “normality” after the vaccine … only to say that things will not become normal again anyway, according to “Doctor” Fauci.

Puppet Fauci is more like it. Why even bother stressing the importance of being vaccinated if being vaccinated will do exactly nothing in terms of returning to “normality?” When will the rest of the nation wake up to the fact that the pandemic is not so quietly turning the nation into a police state?

That said, some states, who still have the fortune of being independent states, have absolutely had it with Biden’s asinine immigration policies, all of which were magically drawn up on Day 1. In fact, so many executive orders were already drafted, one wonders how far back they went … wise money would be on well before the “election.”

As dire as the current electoral process is, the Democrats have yet to abolish individual states, which means that states can still stand up to Biden and his madness. Such as the great state of Texas, which is presently stealing away all of California’s biggest tech companies (outside of ludicrous social media and Google, which are more than welcome to remain ensconced in their dystopian existence in the cesspool of Palo Alto).

Remember when a Texas judge, Drew Tipton, quickly, albeit temporarily, crushed Biden’s “100-day deportation moratorium?” The federal order, in other words, to basically suck it up and deal with illegal aliens, including all the violent, jailed illegals?

Well, at that point in time, Tipton’s block was temporary. Now, in a searing indictment to the Biden administration, the Trump-appointed Tipton has crushed that moratorium insanity into oblivion. A huge moment of sunlight in the otherwise “dark winter” promised on the Biden campaign (hey, that “promise” was technically kept … too bad it was the only real promise made).

Anyway, Tipton is rather unimpressed with the Biden administration’s stance on immigration, which was made blazingly clear in his most recent ruling, which has indefinitely banned the Biden administration’s attempts to flood Texas with even more illegal aliens.

The Texas AG, Ken Paxton, also strongly agrees with Tipton, given rather obvious security concerns, which conveniently impact conservative states.

“Our state defends the largest section of the southern border in the nation. Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel.” [Source: Fox News]

Sad day when judges literally have to fight the federal government in order to protect Americans. A very sad day indeed.

Pathetically, most other nations on the planet actually seem to look out for their own more than the Biden administration does. After all, imagine what the outcome would be if millions of illegal immigrants attempted to storm the borders of China.

It is unlikely that they would receive the same warm welcome that the Biden administration has openly extended them. Then again, they would never storm the borders of China for rather obvious reasons: deadly consequences.

Speaking of China, is Biden ever going to do anything significant about COVID, beyond rattling away about “bold and ambitious” plans of reopening schools for one day a week, as well as insisting upon transgender sports, for students who aren’t even currently playing sports?

Or is Biden just going to look the other way, as always, rambling about the “norms” of the ongoing Chinese genocide of Muslims, which even ultra-leftist Canada has finally labeled as genocide?

One would almost imagine that the United States has transformed into a veritable twilight zone. Unfortunately, it is unclear when, or even if, the nation will break out of it.

If the Democrats have their way, the United States will be little more than another banana republic police state.

Who knows, maybe Americans will eventually be storming the borders of Canada … and who could blame them?

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