Bombshell: Pence Makes Announcement with Trump Giving Full Support

Former Vice President Mike Pence is making a return to public life and considering a potential 2024 run alongside the Advancing American Freedom group, an advocacy organization designed to combine traditional conservative policies with Trumpism.

The organization seeks to defend the Trump administrations record while also working to build a “winning formula for a broader coalition.”

Members that have been selected for its advisory board are reflective of that mission, it includes Trump era White House figures such as Larry Kudlow and Kellyanne Conway, alongside key figures from broader conservative circles such as David McIntosh.

Pence spoke to the Washington Examiner, explaining that the AAF intends to continue promoting conservatism, building on the success of Trumps four year term. He says that “conservatives will not stand idly” in the face of new radical and threatening policies from the radical left and their pocket administration as they sully America “with their destructive policies.”

Pence’s return to public life comes after having largely disappearing after Jan 6. when he resisted the president’s demands to reverse the results of the 2020 election, leading to public chastisement from many.

It seems that his past actions have been forgiven however, as Former President Donald Trump said that he was glad to see “Mike” trumpeting the administrations many achievements, calling his own presidential term “the most successful. . . in American history.”

Author: Dawson Faulkner

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