Bombshell: COVID Vaccines Cause Painful Infection

Democrats are losing their minds after a scientific study in Israel proves that those who get the COVID vaccine may later develop an infection similar to herpes.

Six people in the studies developed herpes zoster, an extremely painful rash more commonly known as shingles. Herpes zoster can cause nerve damage if it goes untreated. All affected individuals in the study had rheumatic diseases and were fairly young. These cases were all after the individuals received the Pfizer version of the vaccine.

Dr. Victoria Furer was the lead author of the study. She felt it was important for people to know that this is a risk of the COVID vaccine, even though they aren’t sure if it’s the cause. They do feel confident that the vaccine can trigger this reaction in some patients.

This unsettling information comes on the heels of the FDA’s decision to put a temporary halt on the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine after numerous cases of blood clots.

While these blood clot events are very rare, they can still happen. Six people reported a reaction out of the 7 million Johnson and Johnson doses given, and one person died.

What’s remained constant in all this is the pharmaceutical corporations’ ability to weasel out of any consequences. They continue to push these experimental drugs that are literally killing people, while pocketing billions. It may be too late before America, but the rest of the world just might catch on.

Author: Joe Nichols

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