BLMs Radical Stance On Cuba Is Exactly What You’d Expect, And More

The Marxist inspired organization Black Lives Matter weighed in on the Cuban political uprising, attacking the United States on Wednesday while offering support for the communist dictatorship that oppresses the Cuban people. The statement also praised Joanna Chesimard, better known as Assata Shakur, a fugitive cop killer.

Black Lives Matter declared that the U.S. “has forced pain and suffering” upon Cubans since 1962 with a “cruel and inhumane policy” of economic sanctions. BLM says that the U.S. is therefore to blame for intentionally “destabilizing the country… undermining Cubans’ [choice of] their own government,” adding that America is wholly responsible for “Cuba’s current crisis.”

BLM came up with a tally for how much the U.S. has apparently cost the communist island, we can presume it’s in the name of having a number to point to when the time comes for reparations… “$130 billion… [as cost to] the tiny island nation.”

BLM then asserted that Cuba couldn’t feed or medicate their population without that money, as if the communist regime would ever consider spending billions of dollars on food and medicine as opposed to further militarism and wasteful luxury for its leaders.

BLM stated that the Cuban people and government are “being punished” by America “because the country has maintained… sovereignty and self-determination.” The statement then made it’s only truthful claim that the U.S. sought to “crush this Revolution for decades.” Indeed, the communist militant threat, so closely allied with the USSR and being so close to the U.S. mainland made Cuba’s government a serious geopolitical threat to U.S. peace.

BLM then went on to explain how very egalitarian Cuba’s communist government is, for demonstrating “solidarity with oppressed peoples of Africa… protecting Black revolutionaries… Assata Shakur” and generally (allegedly) giving caring support for the “4 million… Black and Brown” people in Cuba.

It will come as no surprise to our readers that the U.S. longstanding embargo on Cuba has never prevented humanitarian aid from getting to the country. It has served the function of lowering the enrichment and power of the communist regime and its militant, tyrannical leaders. Additionally, BLM’s claims that the country has racial equality is not just baseless but outright false. As is demonstrated by facts such as how only 11 percent of the Black Cuban population has a bank account, compared with the broader “brown” population of Cuba, half of which has a bank account.

While BLM gripes about how America is the seat of every ill in the world, the communist regime of Cuba is breaking into demonstrator’s homes and imprisoning or executing them.

Author: Craig Stevenson