BLM Openly Declares Ties With Other Terrorist Organizations

The Black Lives Matter organization made an official declaration on Monday claiming “solidarity” with Palestinians in the war between Hamas / PIJ terror organizations against Israel.

BLM’s official Twitter account says that the organization “always will be” in partnership with “Palestinian liberation.” The statement also declared that BLM’s mission is “ending settler colonialism in all forms.”

The anti-Semitic sentiments echo the mindset of other radical-left organizations and legislators such as Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), who is a member of the infamous progressive “squad” who made a public stance against Israel during a floor speech. During her speech, she gave praise and support to Palestinian-American activists with BLM affiliation who advocated for killing police officers. On Twitter, Bush compared the war in Gaza to the riots of Ferguson, Missouri.

Individual branches of BLM have also declared allegiance with Hamas and it’s cause. Patterson, New Jersey BLM was particularly vocal, calling Israel an “occupation” state and accusing them of using “excessive force.”

BLM has been involved with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the very beginning. In the mid 2010’s, when the organization formed their political agenda, they ensured that a stance on Israel was included.

BLM is also closely intertwined with an explicitly Anti-Semitic group called the Boycott-Divest-Sanction movement, a group which demands that the world’s countries isolate Israel both in politics and in trade.

Author: John Jefferson

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