BLM Militants Demand Human Sacrifice

A Black Lives Matter protest near a Brooklyn Center police station went to new extremes when the mob called for “white people” to be sent to the front to be used as human shields.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo shared a video of the event on Twitter, in which a protestor is screaming “Get the white people to the front!” He explained that the mob was attempting to break down police fence and were throwing objects.

Riots have broken out in Minneapolis and across the country as response to the shooting of Daunte Wright. 20-year-old Wright is a black man who was shot by officer Kim Potter while attempting to flee arrest for an outstanding warrant.

The Brooklyn Police Department released the body camera footage of the encounter on Monday, which shows that Potter mistakenly used her sidearm rather than her Taser to subdue Wright.

In the video, Potter is heard shouting “Taser! Taser! Taser!” while pointing a pistol at Wright. Potter then fired one shot at Wright, who groans as he drives away. Potter then says “Holy shit, I just shot him.”

Wright died shortly after from the wound.

Potter, a 26-year police veteran announced her resignation following the incident. But the announcement did little to curb the social unrest which has gripped a region that was already tense as the trial of Derek Chauvin proceeds.

Protesters are defying curfew, clashing with police, and causing unrest. The National Guard has been deployed to help control the situation.

Author: Pamela Fletcher

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