BLM Leader Sets Eyes On Total Domination — Reparations Not Enough

Bree Newsome, a Black Lives Matter activist recently attacked white Americans because she alleges that their families stole property and committed “atrocities” against black Americans earlier in the country’s history.

Newsome issued a string of tweets demanding reparations.

Newsome is an activist and filmmaker who supports BLM, and has a history of demanding reparations. She brought up the matter in an interview with Complex last year, during which she targeted Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, and President Donald Trump as particular examples of wealthy people who resist reparations.

She declares that the U.S. “owes us more than they can pay,” adding that “modern white civilization. . . is built upon Black enslavement.” She said that reparations can never actually be enough, warning readers not to allow “the white establishment” be allowed to “feel they paid reparations.”

Newsome said that white Billionaires such as Jeff Bezos must not be allowed to “happen anymore,” adding that she believes Trump only became president “because he inherited wealth.” She repeated “that cannot happen anymore,” and again told readers not to be be happy with getting “a little cash” as reparations.

Author: Martin Abbott