Black GOP Superstar Makes History As Liberals Whine About White Supremacy

All around the nation, Democrats and Leftists are screaming about white supremacy and racism in America, while failing to realize they are poisoning their own agenda. The truth is, anyone can make it in America, and this victory by Lt. Gov Winsome Sears, proves it.

In fact, that’s how she started her victory speech. By telling everyone in the crowd that they were looking right at the American Dream. Sears is now the first and the only black Republican woman in Virginia to ever be elected to their House of Delegates. She won her race against a Democrat incumbent of over 20 years, and made history in the state while simultaneously devastating Democrats all around the nation.

The beginning of Sears’s American dream started even prior to her birth, when her father came to the United States as an immigrant on the 11th of August, 1963. All he had in his pocket was $1.75. She was still in her mother’s womb when he made it to America. Later, she would ask him why he decided to come to America during a time as difficult as the civil rights movement. He told her that America was the place where all the opportunities and jobs are.

Later, Sears joined the Marine Corps. She said she was still proud of her Jamaican heritage, but that she was and still is willing to die for The Unisted States. She said she is proud to be American and for the future. (The crowd started to chant “U-S-A” repeatedly when she said this.

Sears says there are many people who want there to be a division of the people, but this must not happen. She said that some people wants everyone to think that things are just as bad as 1963, when her father first got to America, but it’s not true. She said black people can liver wherever they want, and eat, and own water fountains, and that we’ve even had a black President. She says she is living proof of this, and that she’s been black all of her life!

She made history this week. And it’s a symbol of something greater that’s happening in America. Congratulations, Lt Gov. Sears!

Author: Brent Looser