Billionaire Using ‘Dark Money’ To Fund Radical Revolution

George Soros, the liberal billionaire who seemingly bankrolls the entire Democrat party was recently caught using a ‘dark money’ hub to pour millions of dollars into radical-leftist movements aimed at dismantling America’s police.

Over $3 million was tracked in 2020 as going through the “Foundation to Promote Open Society,” a harmless sounding nonprofit of Soros’ making. Their grant database revealed that the money was sent to CRH, also known as the Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability.

Again, these names hide the sinister purpose behind his socialist projects. CRH is a secret clearinghouse for resourcing progressive activists who aim to either abolish or defund the police. Soros’ dark money portal is the central hub of one of the most prominent financial networks in the U.S. according to tax records.

The nonprofit, erected in 2019 for the sum of $500,000, an amount chummily paid by the Hungarian billionaire, first ran $1.5 million through its network during its first year of operations.

The situation is just another case of leftist elites reshaping America’s justice system against the wishes of the people. For years, Soros has been pulling the strings of district attorney offices by financing the races of his favored progressive candidates. His nonprofit empire has poured tens of millions of dollars into reshaping America as we know it through backdoor, pseudo-legal means.

CRH calls itself a group that tries to address “the harms of policing in the U.S” but according to internal memos, pushes to advocate for “police abolitionist frameworks.”

Some of the organization’s informational contributions come from such upstanding and well-respected groups as No Cop Academy, or Cops Off Campus Coalition.

CRH, is not even itself a very high-level organization for Soros, instead if falls under the New Venture Fund, a nonprofit incubator that is managed straight out of Washington D.C.

New Venture Fund is able to hide much of its tax forms under an umbrella of secrecy that masks the middlemen that Soros pays to act as board members for these radical institutions.

New Venture Fund received a whopping $965 million in donations for fiscal year 2020, and alongside three other similar dark money organizations, Windward Fund, Hopewell Fund, and Sixteen Thirty Fund, the four combined efforts of the funds brought $1.6 billion in secret donations to radical progressive causes, according to tax forms.

Author: Marlon Montgomery