Bill Gates Caught Red-Handed Pushing Fake News

Alan Macleod of MintPress News obtained secretive documents that suggest billionaire Bill Gates used millions of dollars to push his agenda through media outlets across the entire world.

The information was found buried in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s webpage database. A review of over 30,000 grants uncovered a disturbing pattern of beneficiaries that speak to Gate’s true misinformation agenda.

Beneficiaries of the Foundation include leftist outlets such as the Atlantic, NPR, NBC, PBS, CNN, New York Public Radio, and many more.

Macleod reports that the money the Gates Foundation puts towards media programs gets split up into sections based on their numerical order, and each includes a link to the website of the organization that received the grant.

The top three awards given away include NPR at an eye-popping $24.6 million, The Guardian in the U.K got $12.9 million and Cascade Public Media, a Seattle, Washington outlet received $10.8 million.

Other direct awards were given to organizations such as Al-Jazeera, NBCUniversal Media, Der Spiegel of Germany, Le Monde of France, the BBC, Education Post, Education Week, and many more.

The money, as Macleod explains, is always directed towards issues that Gates cares about such as $3.6 million awarded to CNN for increased reporting on “gender equality.” Millions of dollars were also poured into the Texas Tribune for the purpose of targeting education reform in the state.

Macleod suspects that since Gates is one of the biggest supporters of charter schools, that his behavior might be interpreted as a “pro-corporate charter school propaganda” plot that seeds itself in the media and disguises itself as objective reporting.

The list on Gates Foundation’s website fails to account for sub-grants, money given to recipients outside of the U.S.

Macleod notes that while the Gates Foundation likes to tout their transparency and openness, the reality is that very little public information is available regarding what they money from each grant is supposed to do, excepting some short one- to two-sentence descriptions. Macleod argues that this means thousands of grants are given to media elements that don’t appear on the public listing.

Macleod says that the problem with billionaires granting money to media outlets is that it gives them control to “set the public agenda,” giving them power over the media that society consumes and having the power to shape society as a result.

Author: Jeremy Richardson