Bill Gates Appears To Have Been a Creep All Along

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal revealed that Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates was instructed to leave the board in 2020 following the results of an investigation into an extra-marital relationship he had with a Microsoft employee.

Members of the board used a law firm to investigate Gate’s behavior in the late months of 2019 after a female Microsoft engineer came forward with a letter, alleging that she had a sexual relationship with Gates for years. In light of the probe, the board decided that it was unsuitable for Gates to remain, and so instructed him to leave.

Gates offered his resignation before the investigation came to a conclusion and before the board made a formal decision. A Microsoft spokesperson said that the company received a letter in late 2019 about Gates involvement in an “intimate relationship” with an employee since “the year 2000.”

A spokesperson for Gates said that the nearly 20 year affair “ended amicably” and that Gates decision to leave Microsoft’s board was unrelated. He claimed that Gates had earlier expressed his wishes to leave the board in order to pursue philanthropy more closely.

Gates resigned from his board position at Microsoft on March 13, 2020, and also left his board position at Berkshire Hathaway Inc. the same day.

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates made an announcement earlier in the month that they would be ending their 27 year marriage. The statement said that they feel they can “no longer grow together” in future years. Despite the soft worded public statement, Melinda Gate’s divorce petition stated that she believes the marriage to be “irretrievably broken.”

The New York Times Reported that Bill Gates held a reputation as someone with questionable work conduct for some time. People familiar with the situation claim that Gates pursued female employees both at Microsoft and at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Melinda Gate’s also cited Bill’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein as a major issue.

Author: Ellen Powers

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