Big Tech Scrambles To Cover Up Leftist Corruption Scandal

Facebook recently took after the New York Post yet again, finding their reporting to be too counter-narrative to be allowed to circulate amongst the public.

This is the third time in a year-long period that Facebook banned the New York Post from publishing an article on the Tech-Giant’s website.

The first article was about COVID-19 potentially leaking from the Wuhan, China virology laboratory. A theory which Ex-CDC director Robert Redfield put his support behind last March. But Facebook failed to offer an apology for censoring the perfectly valid and legitimate news story.

The second story shut down by Facebook involved the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which revealed the Biden family’s corrupt dealings with the Ukrainian government. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also shut down the story at first, but later admitted that it was a mistake given the story’s legitimacy.

Now Facebook is trying to cover up a story from the New York Post about BLM founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors who recently purchased $3.2 million in real estate. The story is relevant because Cullors is a Marxist who may not be practicing what she preaches. It’s also not known if donations to BLM are ultimately being used to enrich the organization’s executives.

Facebook defended their decision to take down the story because it violated their “privacy and personal information policy,” however, we all know that Facebook would never cover up a story which could be harmful to their political opponents.

Big Tech isn’t playing fair, and they are slowly grinding America to the ground with their partisan approach to censorship. As the major power brokers of public dialogue, we need to find a way to hold them accountable.

Author: Trevor Morgan

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