Biden’s Weakness Prompts Iran To Attack — U.S. On Brink Of Another War

Comparing Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s leadership styles would be an act of futility truly not worth anyone’s effort; the proof is too plain to see at this point.

Under Trump’s foreign policy direction, the idea of peace was on everyone’s mind. Leaders from historically contentious Arab nations broke ground with Israel for the first time ever to establish a series of deals which guaranteed peace and trade partnerships. The Trump administration brokered these deals, now called the Abraham Accords, which earned the Former President a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Additionally, there wasn’t a single instance of foreign military conflict started while Trump was the helm. His economic prowess acted as a deterrent for nations struggling to gain access in the world marketplace. Their existence as a nation relied upon their nuclear capabilities or some other claim to fame that many leaders found threatening. Trump harnessed his economic approach and shared it with allies — and even some adversaries — for the betterment of the entire world and as the ultimate stopgap measure against war.

Now, the United States unfortunately finds itself in the exact opposite position as our adversaries inch closer to enacting total war, prompted by the utter weakness of Joe Biden and his administration.

The situation in Ukraine is harrowing and can be interpreted as an indirect attack on the United States — a waning superpower under Biden’s leadership, according to Putin and his backers.

One of Putin’s supporters in the Middle East is proving how weak the United States has become…

As many as 12 missiles originating from Iran struck an Iraqi city late Saturday evening, with some hitting close to the new U.S. Consulate compound in the area, officials said overnight.

There were no injuries reported from U.S. or foreign officials as a result of the blast, which hit the city of Erbil, though authorities have offered differing accounts of what damage was actually caused. Originally, representatives from Baghdad said the U.S. Consulate was the target of the attack and had been hit by several missiles. That was disputed by the U.S. government, which is desperate to project strength on the international stage as Biden rots in his basement.

The building in question had been under construction and was not occupied at the time of the attack, which occurred just after midnight. The U.S. has a consulate inside Erbil, which serves as the capital of the Kurdish region of Iraq. The new facility, which is still in the works, is located about eight miles from the center of the city.

A U.S. State Department spokesperson condemned what they called an “outrageous attack against Iraqi sovereignty and display of violence” in a statement regarding the attack.

The strike comes days after an Israeli airstrike killed two members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard near Damascus, Syria. Iran vowed to take revenge while condemning the attack this week.

It also comes one day after talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal paused — after Russia upended negotiations with a sudden demand for a decrease in sanctions related to its military invasion in Ukraine. Russia has been acting on Iran’s behalf during the negotiations with the U.S.

U.S. soldiers and military assets remain in Iraq despite a disastrous and deadly evacuation mission ordered by Biden last year.

Our enemies are circling, and the Biden administration hopes we aren’t paying attention…