Biden’s War Strategy With Russia: Give Them All They Ask For

Responding to Russia’s hostile amassing of troops and military equipment at the Ukrainian border, and on the heels of unsuccessful talks with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Democrat President Joe Biden is begging Ukraine to simply cave to Russia’s demands in an illogical effort to avoid hostile takeover.

According to the Associated Press, Biden administration officials are pressing Ukraine to formally cede their autonomy to Russia-backed separatists who rose up against the government in 2014.

The stance of the Biden administration is one seeking to have things both ways, or perhaps in some delusional hope, either way. Biden has attempted to dissuade Russia from a violent annex of Ukrainian territory, but seems entirely complacent with Russia intimidating and coercing Ukraine into simply handing over their country instead. Hardly a well-brokered peace deal. The entire affair proves Biden’s weakness as a foreign policy strategist, and underscores the President’s abject failure to ‘hold the line’ against Russian aggression.

Even the Associated Press had to acknowledge the ham-fisted management of the situation, one where Biden must simultaneously accept the facts on the ground but can’t appear to be caving in to Putin’s wishes. An already emboldened Putin might reveal grander plans if he succeeds in Ukraine, and what then? Biden is practically handing over the independent nation with a blessing as things sit.

The message that needs to be sent is that the U.S., as well as the rest of the free world, won’t tolerate such rabble and bullying and will fight heroically to squelch the tyranny of oligarchical states such as Putin’s Russia. If the U.S. can’t project it’s power in a small matter such as this, does it have any power at all? It certainly doesn’t appear so, particularly after the bed-wetting incident that was Biden’s withdrawal from our prolonged efforts in Afghanistan, what is likely Russia’s next major objective.

As a matter of recent history, it’s worth remembering that Biden was at the helm when Russia last annexed a portion of Ukraine in 2014. Though serving as Vice-President to Barack Obama, Putin may remember the last time he successfully conquered was under Democrat rule, and doesn’t want to miss another opportunity.

Author: Reginald McCarthy