Biden’s Unconstitutional Mandate Just Hit Its First Major Roadblock

Biden should have known better than to try and push a sweeping federal vaccine mandate. His proposal hasn’t even taken full shape yet, but states are already preparing for battle against a power-drunk president and his administration.

In New York state, a federal judge blocked vaccine mandates for workers after the state and governor were sued by a collective of medical workers who argued that their constitutional rights had been violated.

The state vaccine mandate, which did not allow for any religious exemptions, was struck down on First Amendment rights grounds by Judge David Hurd last Tuesday.

Shannon Joy, a New York talk radio host has been a rallying beacon for the Rochester medical community for the past seven weeks. Huge gatherings of medical professionals have marched in protest outside of the University of Rochester Medical Center once a week, standing up against vaccine mandates as a form of medical tyranny.

The lawsuit claims that the plaintiffs, being medical professionals with “sincere religious beliefs” were opposed to the vaccine on the grounds that it was developed using “aborted fetus cell lines.”

The lawsuit quoted from a 2008 case brought forth by the ACLU.

No one should be forced to be vaccinated against their will both because of the constitutional right to refuse treatment, and pragmatically because forced vaccination will deter at least some people from seeking medical help when they need it.” “Following this flawed logic, several state-based proposals have sought to address any ‘public health emergency,’ … [by] resort[ing] to punitive, police-state tactics, such as forced examinations, vaccination and treatment, and criminal sanctions for those individuals who did not follow the rules.” -The American Civil Liberties Union in 2008

Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo also had shots fired at him in the lawsuit.

On August 23, 2021, the People of the State of New York were definitively rescued from the nearly eighteen-month-long medical dictatorship of ex-Governor Cuomo, who resigned in disgrace and forfeited the Emmy Award for his press conference “performances” as the savior of New York from the coronavirus.

The end of the Cuomo administration, however, has apparently not been accompanied by any institutional awareness of the failure of his policies to improve the lot of New Yorkers during the pandemic as compared to virtually every other State in the Union. On the contrary, the defendant Health Commissioner, Howard A. Zucker, and Cuomo’s successor as Governor, defendant Governor Kathy Hochul (Hochul), continue to behave as if the “disaster emergency” had never ended—and never will end.

The New York state government is completely radicalized and out of control. They are arresting mothers for failing to mask, even though no mask mandate exists.

The case of New York is just a test bed and a taste of what Biden has to face if he’s going to try and force needles in the arms of millions of American patriots.

Author: Carrie Stone