Biden’s Trillion-Dollar ‘Wish List’ Gets Nuked By One Of His Own

One of Biden’s most radical bills will probably not pass thanks to this top Democrat, who is leaning towards a voting stall on the $3.5 trillion bill for social spending which has largely been criticized for existing as a partisan list of wishes for the Democratic Party.

Joe Manchin, a Democrat Senator from West Virginia, privately said that he believes those in Congress should take a very strategic pause until the time of 2022, before they vote on Biden’s spending package. Manchin said that if they use this timeline, it would stop Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s plans to vote on the insane budget package this coming month.

Any delay from the Democrat Senator, who doesn’t take part of his colleague left-wing extreme version of the Democrat Party, could cause the bill to fail completely, even though Pelosi promised everyone that she would pass it by the end of September.

President Biden called Manchin on the phone earlier in the year and gave him a whole spiel about how if he didn’t vote yes to the ‘stimulus’ bill, he would really be ‘f***ing me.’

The Democrat senator of Arizona, who is way more moderate, surprisingly, than anyone ever though she would be, is also opposing the gigantic spending bill, but she is being less vocal about her opposition.

Biden’s eagerness to pass the massive bill comes on the heels of inflation, at it’s skyrocketed under his Presidency after he spent trillions within just a few months of taking office and within a few months of Democrat control in the federal government.

Machin wrote in the Wall Street Journal this summer that it was his desire to pause the massive bill because an overheated economy has already cause a massive ‘inflation tax’ on all working and middle-class Americans.

Joe Manchin says that he refuses to vote for the bill until Democrats can explain the bill with more transparency, instead of rushing to get the bill through. He also says congress should have a committee process debate about the bill, and help everyone understand what it appropriate to fund, and what we, as a country, just can’t afford.

It sounds like Biden’s bill might just be dead in the water, thanks to one sound-minded Democrat.

Author: Elizabeth Schwarz