Biden’s Public Temper Tantrums Are Too Much For His Handlers

President Biden is losing his ‘Uncle Joe’ persona and moving on to show his true colors. Pressure in the White House is reportedly mountain before the midterm elections next year.

Biden is apparently growing increasingly frustrated with questions he perceives as negative from the press. I guess this means the honeymoon is over, but it also creates more problems for the communications team in the White House. Especially as the media is getting more and more access to the failing President as pandemic social distancing restrictions ease.

Eric Schultz, an Obama-era spokesman for the White House, was dismissive about complaints issues regarding Biden’s increasing outburst. Schultz explained them away as an attempt from Republicans to try and bash the President since nothing else seems to stick. Right.

Schultz apparently thinks that Biden answers reporters’ questions on the regular, and even went as far as to say Biden answers them as truthfully and as transparently as he can.

Frankly though, Biden’s history with the press says otherwise. He is continually shying away and even storming out of the room when faced with questions he isn’t fond of. He also apparently has a temper when it comes to the staffer that write his terrible, gaffe-filled speeches, and is known to berate them for using words that are ‘too complex’ for laypeople. (Or himself, perhaps.)

Unlike Trump, Biden isn’t good at thinking on his feet. His inability to answer questions he isn’t prepared for is not going without notice.

Just like last week, when reporters peppered the President with numerous questions about America’s withdrawal from the middle east, specifically Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield. The military was headquartered at the airfield, and the departure instantly ended the country’s tactical mission, even though the Taliban has risen in recent months.

The truth is, Biden has a history of just storming out or displaying avoidance behaviors any time questions get uncomfortable. Like when reporters asked about his son Hunter, or his meeting with Vladamir Putin. Biden tries to play it off like reporters are the bad guys and are just negative all around, but it’s really a desperate attempt to conceal his own incompetence and fear of being uncomfortable. You’re the president, dude. Learn to be comfortable when you’re uncomfortable, because it’s going to happen a lot.

Author: Stacy Polson