Biden’s Latest Corruption Scandal Is His Most Bold Faced Yet

President Biden’s son Hunter Biden is an endless wellspring of scandal. The latest is that Hunter is now employed as a “full-time artist” in the company of a Soho art dealer named Georges Berges who pays the amateur painter $75,000 to $500,000 per piece.

Hunter Biden is trying to law low at his LA home while turning his attention to his artwork. Berges, his dealer, is currently making plans for a private viewing of Hunter’s pieces in Los Angeles this coming fall, to be followed by another grand exhibition held in New York City.

Biden says that his artwork is not sourced from “emotion or feeling” which he called “both very ephemeral.” Instead Biden said that his artwork reflects “the universal truth.”

The New York Post reports that Berges has connections with China, regularly working with Chinese artists and a Chinese network, and opening art galleries in Beijing and Shanghai.

Hunter Biden’s latest venture is hardly enough to distract from his other miscreant activity, and his overpriced art appears to be a mere exploitation of his family name, as the Biden family has been accused of frequently in the past.

Hunter’s entry into art follows after years of his involvement in the world of international finance, where he faced criticism for engaging with foreign nations that his father was responsible for negotiating U.S. foreign policy with. The best known example is the Ukrainian owned gas and oil company which paied Hunter tens of thousands of dollars each month despite Biden’s complete lack of expertise in the energy industry particularly or with Ukraine generally. At that time, Joseph Biden was responsible for negotiating U.S. policy with the Ukrainian government.

Hunter also faced criticism for his dealings with Chinese state-owned entities which engaged in very lucrative dealings with him. After Hunter and Biden travelled jointly to China in 2013, his “small boutique investment firm” as described by Peter Schwizer’s book Secret Empires, received investment of $1.5 billion. As Sean Hannity reported, this deal was at a scale that nobody else could have secured with China, not even large names such as Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, or the Deutsche Bank.

Schwizer’s suspicion is that Hunter’s latest art adventure could be just the latest in a game of pay-for-play with the Biden family. Money laundering through art is a well known issue, and was identified by a Senate investigation last year as a means by which the Russian government was able to sneak millions of dollars past sanctions.

Author: Michele Alvarez