Biden’s Gun Control Plan Is Unfolding Behind The Curtain

The Biden administration announced a new “zero tolerance” policy on Wednesday aimed at gun dealers who willfully eschew the law as part of the administration’s most recent effort to combat the “staggering” surge in crime as noticed by the Department of Justice.

The new policy is a warning and crackdown against federal firearm licensed dealers (FFLs) who “willfully” transfer weapons to individuals who are prohibited from owning gun, or who ignore tracing requests from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). The new policy directs the BATFE to revoke a dealer’s license after just a singe offense according to a White House official.

The Department of Justice said on Tuesday that they are organizing “strike forces” against gun traffickers, and seek to improve transparency when it comes to how enforcement will be carried out against FFL dealers.

Biden also announced his plan to direct $350 billion of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package to hiring police in cities, paying existing cops overtime, and prosecuting gun traffickers. The money could also be used for investing in new technologies that make law enforcement more efficient. Officials state that the Biden administration hopes that the cities make use of the money for alternatives to police as well, such as following community policing models.

The Biden administration is also seeking to stem the existence of un-serialized firearms, known under the propaganda term of “ghost guns.” Such weapons present a problem to law enforcement because they cannot be traced to a particular manufacturer or retailer, making their origin impossible to detect.

The Justice Department is attempting to update the legal definition of a firearm in a joint effort with the BATFE, in as an indirect means of cracking down on ghost guns. The issue is complicated, however, by the clear constitutional protection that home-made guns are eligible for under the Second Amendment.

In his Wednesday speech about rising violence in America, Biden said that he is pushing cities to invest in wholesome activities for youth to keep them busy during the summer, as young people are often both the targets of and perpetrators of violent activity. The administration hopes to expand summer hiring programs and pre-apprenticeships for youth, as well as expanding job opportunities for formerly incarcerated adults and juveniles to help them become productive.

Author: Glenda Ramsey