Biden’s Feelings Hurt By Global Leaders’ Comments

It’s now reported that the President of the United States is apparently ‘offended’ that politicians in the UK don’t view him in a positive light after he disastrously handled the Afghanistan crisis which has completely erupted under his false and terrible leadership.

One private source said that the Brits should be careful about their views because the President finds it offensive and he is notorious for holding a grudge and having a long memory… at least when it comes to things that hurt his feelings. Apparently when someone says something to him that makes him feel bad or makes him angry, our great President will simply give them the silent treatment and hold a grudge until he dies. Which, lets be honest, shouldn’t be too long.

This source actually feels positively about the declining president and says that Biden is not ‘gaga’ and that he’s totally picked up the game since his campaign.

The source also said that the Prime Minister of Britain should be the one to try and save the relationship with Biden, and no say things to hurt his feelings.

Biden is, of course, absolutely furious that Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain, would say such things about him. But in reality, the entire British parliament has been slamming him for the past two weeks because of his Afghanistan failures.

One member went as far as to say that Biden had undone the last 15 years of work in Afghanistan, and that he tore away the people’s opportunity for a better life.

Another member said that Biden’s decision will be seen as a catastrophic mistake in the history books, and will likely be the defining legacy of his time as President.

Another Lord from parliament called Biden’s failure a disaster and a humiliation to the West, NATO and to the United States of America. He even said that we are an ‘unreliable ally’ to Britain and her allies.

But Lord Ricketts of the British Parliament said it all when he said that China is the main benefiter of Biden’s decision, and that all Biden has accomplished is having America ‘back down.’ Wow, words of wisdom from all of British parliament.

Author: Jerry Christian