Biden’s Disease Experts Turn On Him — Admit The Truth About Masks

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) blasted America last week with even more confusion and changing guidance regarding the Coronavirus, encouraging every citizen to wear masks when they are indoors regardless of whether or not they’ve had the vaccine.

The CDC tried to bolster their tyrannical announcement, citing that American needed to maximize their protection from the new and oh-so-terrifying Delta variant of the virus. The CDC went on to say that everyone must wear a mask when they are inside, especially in a public area or if they are in a place of high or substantial transmission. They released this announcement on the CDC website on Tuesday.

Continuing their rhetoric of fear, the CDC said that it was especially important to wear a mask if your immune system is in less than working order, if you are older in age, if you have a medical condition that puts you at risk, if you yourself are at a higher risk of severe COVID, or if anyone in your household is unvaccinated or has underlying health problems. The CDC said that if any of this applies to your household or you, then you have the ‘choice’ to wear masks, regardless of whether there are high amounts of transmission in your living area.

This new ‘guidance’ is a total reversal from the CDC’s guidance back in may where they said that anyone who had been vaccinated did not need to and would not be required to wear a mask.

To add insult to injury, on a CNN segment on Monday afternoon, The CDC’s Policy Director and Infection Disease Director from the University of Minnesota told everyone on live television that paper and cloth masks are completely ineffective and stopping and preventing the spread of the Coronavirus disease.

Everyone has known this for over a year, though. As it turns out Dr. Fauci had previously told a former Obama HHS Secretary, Mrs. Sylvia Burwell, that masks purchased from the store don’t do much to prevent the spread of the infectious virus.

It was all the way back in February 2020 that Fauci told her the masks you buy from the drug store or online aren’t effective in preventing the virus from getting in, as the virus is small enough to get through the thin material. He said it might prove some benefit though, in keeping out big drops if someone sneezes or coughs on you. Fauci then told Burwell that he wouldn’t recommend that she wear a mask.

What a crock of bull this has all been, and the saga continues.

Author: Nathan Hensley